6 Years

6 years on and Cave Story is still my favourite game to date. One day I hope I can create something that captures even a tiny bit of Pixel’s magic. 6 years ago this comic was going to be a tribute to the game I love so much, but now that I have grown up and become an adult (!!!) maybe I can eventually create an even better tribute. For now, this is my reimagining of the Quote picture I was so proud of 6 years ago. How time flies…



It’s been 6 years since my last post here! I just finished Cave Story AGAIN, this time the Nintendo Switch version! It’s amazing that the game is still getting better and better ports to this day. Anyway, the reason I decided to post here is that upon finishing the game, I hiked on over to the good old Cave Story fan site and saw there is a link to this blog there. That’s pretty embarrassing since I haven’t posted anything here for 6 years… so maybe I should draw something soon so visitors can see how far my art has come, and my love for the best game ever created!

Work Postponed

Please don’t expect any comics this week as I have fractured my hand! ARGH! There is still hope: it’s not the hand I write with. Hopefully I might get one or two done, just slowly. The worst part? I can’t play video games! No Cave Story? No Kid Icarus? Possibly no Bit.Trip? What am I gonna do? Stay tuned.

Chapter 1.3

The first chapter cover. These are meant to be once a week! What’s going on? This cover hopefully gives you a better glimpse of the art style.

Chapter 1.2

Number 2. Not as great as the first one, but it’s gonna fluctuate anyway.

Chapter 1.1

Here starts a long series of badly but lovingly drawn/Photoshopped black and white fan comic based on the best game to ever exist. I recently re-hooked myself on Cave Story, and can’t wait for the remastered Cave Story + on 3DS. Please comment as as this is a fresh series, anything could happen!

cave story comic

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